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Hi, my name is Pete the sole owner at Cahootz Clothing Co.  I'm always being asked what inspired me to make t-shirts.  To be honest, it was not planned.  

​However, let me ask you a question; have you ever ordered something online and it didn't turn up, how did that make you feel?  

​This once happened to me, they told me the product was out of stock, but it took forever to get my money back.

I was discussing these issues with friends when one said have you ever thought about designing your own shirts, it can’t be that hard.   After thinking about it for several days I began to play around with various names and logo designs until I settled on Cahootz clothing. The word Cahootz mean to conspire together.

Then I decided to make a one-off t-shirt just to see how difficult the whole process would be and that's how Cahootz got started.

The shirt in the image above was the first one I designed, I wore this shirt to the Tramsline Festival in Sheffield.  The interest  I received on the day was unexpected; so I decided to test the shirt on social media, once again the feedback was positive  Due to the response I got,  I decided to make the shirts available to you the public. 

At Cahootz Clothing my goal is to showcase the latest streetwear fashions while offering you quality and the service you deserve


Special thanks to Jo Poulton a talented graphic designer for help with the logo 


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