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Want to become an Influencer/ Promotor?

It's Simple, all you have to do is complete all the fields in the form below. 

We will check your details and social media accounts and contact you on online. 

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Once we are establish we are talking too the correct person we will give you 2 special discount code,

  1. For you to use on your first purchase 30% discount

  2. For your followers to use 15% discount 

How does it work 

The way to a become successful Influence/Promotor is to post regular on all social media this will increase your chances of your followers using your discount code.

Your code is special to you and will identify when a sale has been made on that code. 

We will check how many of your followers have used your code each week and give you feedback. 

             (Please note only successful Influence/Promotor will be offered a free item each month. 

​What you need to do 

  • Complete the form below,  click ; send application 

  • Wait for us to contact you on social media, once we establish your identity, you will get special discount codes

  • Make a purchase on the website using your discount code, this increases your chances of your followers making a purchase, if they see you in the clothing)

  • However you can still promote  for us without making a purchase straight away

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You can get a free item each month if your a successful Influencer /Promotor

Post regular as this defiantly increases your following, which should lead to more people using your code.   


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